grih parvesh/griharambh

grih parvesh/griharambh

grih parvesh/griharambh

Pooja is done at home before taking a new house. Having a house is the dream of everyone's life and when we go to a new house, we enter with the hope that happiness, peace and prosperity will always remain in the house. This is called worship of home entry. House entry is done for the purification of the house and for the sake of peace. 

In the new house, we enter new hopes and dreams. In such a way, worship and havan are very important. There is a belief among Hindus that before entering the house, worshiping and havan worship brings happiness in the house and God resides. At times it happens that Vastu is not given too much attention while making the house, in such a way, all these things are purified during worship. You know that there are many types of home entry.   According 
to the house entrance
scriptures, there are three types of house entrance.

Unique Home Entry - When entering a new home made for the first time, it is called Apoorva Planet Entry. 
Early home entry - When a person is on a migration with his family for some reason and leaves his house vacant for a while, then the house is entered on the journey to be there again. 

Dvandhava entrance - When the house has to be abandoned due to any trouble or any disaster, and after some time the house is entered again, it is called Dhandhava Ghar entrance. 
Vaulting Method of Home Entrance

First of all, keeping in mind the day, date, war and constellation for home entry, the date and time of house entry are determined. It is very important to take care of the auspicious time for home entry. Know the method of worship with your pundit and decide the date from them too. Home is accompanied by pooja, vrat and mantra accent. 

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